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Facility intelligence

Trusted by many of the world's largest companies, BeamUP is the world's first Enterprise Facility Intelligence Platform to automate the aggregation and analysis of your building assets, workforce, standards and system design data.

BeamUP leverages AI to analyze millions of data points from your building assets, workforce, standards and system design data, generating solutions to reduce costs, ensure compliance and optimize operations.

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Full observability

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform leverages unified, aggregated facility data and AI, empowering enterprise organizations with full 360 degree observability into their global facilities and assets. 

Data driven insights

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform provides enterprise organizations with full facility data intelligence, empowering them to make data-driven business decisions to optimize their design, maintenance and operations.

Automated compliance

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform provides enterprise organizations with automated compliance checks to ensure ongoing compliance as facilities and compliance standards evolve.

Cost-effective strategic planning

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform empowers enterprise organizations to build cost-effective strategies around resource and budget allocations, compliance posture and upgrades and remediations plans.

Expedited design & engineering process

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform automates the design and engineering process for enterprise organizations for their new and existing global facilities and assets.  

ROI Analysis

Annual savings based on Enterprise Customer w/ 500 facilities


Capital Expenditure


Operational Expenditure


Automated Compliance Checks

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Sustainability is key. Compliance is critical.

Buildings consume 40% of global energy. Optimized design and maintenance as well as adherence to compliance and environmental standards are essential for reducing our carbon footprint.


BeamUP is easy to onboard, seamlessly integrates into your existing technology, works across a variety of building systems, such as Physical Security and IT Infrastructure systems, and can be easily adapted to meet each organization’s specific requirements. 

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