Better data.
Better buildings.

Unify all of your facility data for smart budgeting, compliance, design, sustainability, and maintenance over time.

Artificial Intelligence + Digital Twins for enterprise facilities

BeamUp’s global network of AI-powered digital twin provide instant visibility into your enterprise’s global facilities’ assets and system data.

Our team of construction, AI and building system experts understands the complexities of planning, operating and maintaining infrastructure across a network of global facilities. And we make it simple, accurate and compliant to do so on time and on budget.


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New facilities

BeamUP’s AI for new facilities is enriched with your compliance rules and regulations to automatically design and model your new facilities.  

Our New Facilities module drastically reduces errors, and removes the need to manually track complex compliance updates and ever changing regulations. We help you deliver accurately, on time and within budget.

Lifecycle management

BeamUP’s Lifecycle Management module enables you to visualize, automate and track the status of your entire global network of facilities’ systems over time. Automated and AI-based, our platform enables safe, efficient and compliant facility management with demonstrated results.


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Cut Costs

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Sustainability is key. Compliance is critical.

Buildings consume 40% of global energy. Optimized design and maintenance as well as adherence to compliance and environmental standards are essential for reducing our carbon footprint.


The BeamUP platform works across a variety of building systems and can be easily adapted to meet each organization’s specific requirements.