AI-Powered Facility Intelligence

Transition from Hindsight to Foresight:
Make Data-Driven Security & Operational Decisions.

Facility intelligence

Trusted by the Fortune 500 and many of the world’s largest companies, BeamUP leverages a modern data science stack and advanced AI capabilities, to empower physical security and operations teams to be more strategic, proactive, and make informed data-driven decisions. 

Our platform delivers substantial cost savings and optimizes every facet of facility operations.

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Learn more about how BeamUP is assisting enterprises to reduce their costs & optimize their facility operations.

Leverage AI insights and data-driven automation for efficient Security and Operations.

Drive cost efficiency

Achieve a cohesive Security posture and centralized operational management, with an ongoing data flow.

Make data-driven decisions

Demonstrate value by delivering impactful insights on Operations and Physical & Cyber Security.

Boost leadership confidence

Asset intelligence

BeamUP leverages AI to generate designs of new assets optimized to reduce cost, set benchmarks, automate your resource allocation, plan budgets, and provide efficiency insights to proactively optimize your asset lifecycle.

Operational intelligence

BeamUP empowers you with data-driven trends, benchmarks and insights to enhance your ongoing operational maintenance, vendor performance, and workforce optimization for all of your global facilities.

Risk intelligence

BeamUP automatically ensures full standardization and compliance across your global facilities, providing you with asset vulnerability insights and incident analytics, to enable you to benchmark , understand and mitigate your risk.

Cost-effective strategic planning

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform empowers enterprise organizations to build cost-effective strategies around resource and budget allocations, compliance posture and upgrades and remediations plans.

Expedited design & engineering process

BeamUP’s Facility Intelligence platform automates the design and engineering process for enterprise organizations for their new and existing global facilities and assets.  

Transition from Data Hindsight to Foresight

Generation 1


(You don’t understand anything)

Generation 2


(You only understand what happened in the past)

Generation 3


(You understand how to
optimize today)

Generation 4


(You can predict what will happen in the future)

Generation 1


  • Manual spreadsheets and legacy design solutions

  • Slow & Error Prone

  • Fragmented Data

  • No analysis

Generation 2


  • Partial data unification

  • No Insights

  • No automation

BI Solutions

Generation 3


  • 360 data visibility and unification

  • Data Driven Insights

  • Automated compliance checks

BeamUP Insights: Enhanced Facility Intelligence

Generation 4


  • Simulate future scenarios

  • Budget Planning

  • Mitigate risks before they occur

BeamUP Predictive Foresight: Advanced Data Utilization


Customers leveraging the BeamUP Platform witness increasing ROI as data utilization grows, resulting in more powerful AI-driven insights.


Capital Expenditure


Operational Expenditure


Automated Compliance Checks

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Sustainability is key. Compliance is critical.

Buildings consume 40% of global energy. Optimized design and maintenance as well as adherence to compliance and environmental standards are essential for reducing our carbon footprint.


BeamUP is easy to onboard, seamlessly integrates into your existing technology, works across a variety of building systems, such as Physical Security and IT Infrastructure systems, and can be easily adapted to meet each organization’s specific requirements. 

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