Conquer complexity. Drive operational excellence

Design and operate your building systems on a single AI platform

AI-Design powers a dynamic digital twin

BeamUP’s patented automatic design process enables smarter planning and rapid updates to your digital twin as your operational facilities continuously change.

Unify design & operations

By streamlining design and operations on a single platform, BeamUP maintains the critical data – device model numbers, locations and configurations just to name a few - required to ensure uptime, safety and compliance.

Unlock insights

BeamUP empowers enterprises to move beyond siloed data and learn from historical and macro-level information to drive efficiencies over the entire lifespan of their facilities.


Increase efficiency

Save Time

Cut Costs

Get started

Sustainability is key. Compliance is critical.

Buildings consume 40% of global energy. Optimized design and maintenance as well as adherence to compliance and environmental standards are essential for reducing our carbon footprint.


The BeamUP platform works across a variety of building systems and can be easily adapted to meet each organization’s specific requirements.