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March 2, 2023
September 12, 2022
Tel Aviv, Israel and San Jose, Calif.

BeamUP Joins Digital Twin Consortium

BeamUP, Ltd., the leader in digital twins for enterprise building design and management

BeamUP, Ltd., the leader in digital twins for enterprise building design and management, today announced it has joined the Digital Twin Consortium, which brings together industry, government and academia to drive development of digital twin technology adoption and interoperability. It boasts more than 150 member companies around the world as it works to build an extensive ecosystem of organizations who are advancing this technology. 

“The Digital Twin Consortium welcomes BeamUP to further innovation and thought leadership as part of our growing ecosystem,” said Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium. “Their expertise in commercial real estate sustainable design and lifecycle management combining AI and Digital Twins enables a significant step in Digital Transformation for an industry hungry for innovative solutions.”

BeamUP uses digital twin technology with artificial intelligence to improve the speed, accuracy and compliance of building system design and ongoing management which reduces operational costs and time. The single cloud based platform provides enterprises with the ability to visualize, automate and model all of the infrastructure processes and systems within their facilities, and derive significant savings via precious insights. 

For example, companies managing a global portfolio of real estate that includes warehouses, data centers and offices are working with BeamUP for a complete overview of all of their facilities, as well as insights into their assets, devices, layouts and compliance needs. BeamUP automates the compliance, design, sustainability and maintenance and it provides insights and reporting for both new and existing enterprise buildings.

These processes were previously done manually using outdated sparsely populated and disparate data, which led to errors, inefficiencies and issues with compliance. BeamUP’s digital twin platform is transforming the design and management of buildings globally, across industries.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Digital Twin Consortium, which is enabling us to connect with other organizations to realize the potential of this game changing technology,” said Stephane Levy, CEO at BeamUP. 

About BeamUP

BeamUP, founded in Tel Aviv in 2019, is the world’s first automated design and lifecycle management platform for infrastructure such as security, IT, IoT and HVAC. Powered by patented AI and Digital Twin technology, BeamUP harnesses the data from buildings’ systems and assets to easily automate, visualize and track their compliance, design, sustainability and management across all of an enterprise’s global facilities. BeamUp’s cloud-based, easy to use visual models provide insights over time about performance, compliance, cost reduction and security, to every level of an organization from the C-suite to operators. BeamUP’s team of architects, security, IT and other domain experts are based between Tel Aviv, London and California. For more information, visit:

About Digital Twin Consortium

The Digital Twin Consortium is the Authority in Digital Twins. It coalesces industry, government, and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security, and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances digital twin technology in many industries, from Aerospace to natural resources. Digital Twin Consortium is a program of the Object Management Group. For more information, visit

Sept 12, 2022