August 15, 2023
August 22, 2023

Elevate Your Facility Intelligence with BeamUP's Groundbreaking Innovations

At BeamUP, we're not just about providing tools; we're about crafting solutions that revolutionize the way enterprises perceive and manage their facilities. Our commitment to driving innovation has made us the go-to Enterprise Facility Intelligence Platform for the world's leading organizations, including the Fortune 500.

In the dynamic world of facility management, data is the new gold. We understand the intricate dance of facility operations. From facility models, drawings, assets, maintenance, guards, compliance, and security incidents, to sensors' logs, we capture a myriad of data points to paint a holistic picture of your facility's health.


Unparalleled Observability

Dive deeper into your facility's security health with our enhanced Operations Intelligence. With BeamUP, you're not just observing; you're predicting, acting, and optimizing your operations.


Intelligent Insights with a Human Touch

Our System Integrators Intelligence doesn't just provide data; it tells a story. Understand the efficiency of your integrations and make data-driven decisions that resonate.


Reimagined Security for the Modern Enterprise

Security is not just about guarding doors; it's about safeguarding assets, reputation, and peace of mind. Our enhanced security features ensure you're always a step ahead of potential risks.


Compliance Made Effortless

In the modern world, compliance is non-negotiable. Our tools visualize compliance gaps, ensuring you're always aligned with industry standards and best practices.


A Symphony of Design and Development

Our Designer and Developer updates ensure that precision, accuracy, and innovation go hand in hand. Experience a seamless integration of technology and design like never before.


But we don't stop at just collecting data. We transform it. Our latest innovations are designed to distill these vast data points into three main pillars of intelligence:


1. Risk Intelligence

- Compliance & Standardization: Navigate the complex maze of industry standards with ease.

- Vulnerability Insights: Stay ahead of potential threats with insightful vulnerability assessments.

- Shrink & Incidents Analysis: Understand, predict, and mitigate risks effectively.


2. Assets Intelligence

- Automated Design & MACs: Streamline your asset management with automated designs.

- Budget Planning: Optimize your financial resources for maximum impact.

- Asset Lifecycle: Gain insights into the lifecycle of your assets for proactive management.

- Guarding Optimization: Ensure optimal deployment and efficiency of your security personnel.


3. Operations Intelligence

- Maintenance Efficiency: Maximize the efficiency of your maintenance operations.

- Predictive Maintenance: Anticipate maintenance needs before they become critical issues.

- Vendor Rating: Assess and optimize your vendor relationships for maximum value.

- Alarm and Transaction Analysis: Dive deep into alarm data for actionable insights.


Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can BeamUP?

Our latest innovations are a testament to our commitment to excellence. We believe in a world where facility management is not just efficient but intelligent, proactive, and transformative.


Join us on this transformative journey. Experience the future of facility management today. Because with BeamUP, the sky's not the limit; it's just the beginning.


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