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Automated design

Generate system designs efficiently and accurately according to company design requirements and historical data.

Automated budgets

Generate bills of material and explore alternative design options in order to align project requirement.

Automated reports

Generate automatic reports and schedule generation for system programming, installation standards and other critical data.

Dynamic collaboration

Seamlessly integrate into your existing tech: Asana, Slack, ticketing software, and emails, for fast resolution, notifications, review processes, and lower service costs.

Standards digitization

Digitize your playbook, compliance rules and global standards.

Floorplan digitization and centralization

Convert your legacy CAD floor plans to intelligent models and build a centralized repository and single source of truth of all your facility data.

Move, add and change (MAC)

Continuously and accurately update design and documentation as equipment is added, moved and changed throughout the facility lifecycle.


Automate your compliance assessments and reporting according to company standards to ensure ongoing compliance as facilities and compliance standards evolve.

Asset analysis

Query your global assets including exact models, configuration, warranty start and end date, costs and expected performance.

Data-Led Insights

Run what-if scenarios to understand the impact of potential changes and optimizations.

Total cost per building, by zone and by room type.

Compliance reports illustrating areas of potential breaches and risks


BeamUP is ISO 27001 certified.

How to work with us? Design as a Service

We offer yearly enterprise subscriptions to the BeamUP platform providing the BeamUp package and its 4 components.