Harness your data and AI to automate facility design and operations

AI-Powered automation

BeamUP leverages AI to analyze millions of data points from your building assets, workforce, standards and system design data, generating solutions to reduce costs, ensure compliance and optimize operations.

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Deep learning based floorplan digitization

Leverage convolutional neural networks (CNNs), graph neural networks (GNNs), and other deep learning architectures as well as machine learning technology to automatically convert all of your design & engineering documents into digital format, and designs your floorplans accurately, efficiently and in accordance with your standards and compliance requirements.

Automatic design

Automatically design your floor plans, utilizing AI-powered automation, and fully incorporate your rule book of standards and compliance.
BeamUP’s automation expedites and removes manual error from the design & engineering processes of your new facilities as well as rework, retrofits, incremental design changes and full refurbishments of existing facilities.

Automated compliance

Automating compliance assessments, remediation, cost and strategy planning with BeamUP’s 360 degree full observability and aggregated data, empowers you to remove the need for manual checks, and reduces expensive compliance breaches.

Visual data representation

BeamUP’s visual, graph based, full asset overviews, including bespoke full asset overviews and detailed reports, empower you to make real time data-driven business decisions to optimize your ongoing facility operations and maintenance.

Central data repository

A unified and centralized data repository for all of your global facility data, ensures you have full observability over all of your global sites, facilities, buildings and asset data.
This data is aggregated, ensures data continuity, accessibility and availability, and empowers you with real time insights for data-driven decision making and strategic planning.

BeamUp’s compliance advantage

Complex internal company compliance and regional legal requirements ensure safety, security, sustainability and privacy in enterprise buildings. BeamUP reduces compliance issues by 84% in new and existing facilities, through data led insights and reports on breaches and risks.