Harnesses your buildings’ data to automate their design and management

More facilities, more complexity

From warehouses to health centers to workspaces, new facilities are being built every day with increasingly complex infrastructure systems with internal and regional compliance needs.

Non-compliance exposes companies to security breaches and expensive fines. Yet, until now, we’ve been designing, planning and operating these facilities with outdated legacy tools which are slow, inefficient and error-laden.

Optimize efficiency through digitization

BeamUP’s AI-powered digital twin uses your  building’s data to automate, visualize and track key developments, across the lifecycle of your global network of facilities.

This drastically improves the accuracy and efficiency of processes like design, construction and ongoing management of your facilities; and it enables detailed insights and reporting, over the lifespan of both new and existing buildings.

The result: as you scale, your teams deliver and manage safe, compliant facilities, on budget and on schedule.

Save time with
design automation

Managing processes such as design, compliance and reporting manually is time consuming and often error-laden.  

Our automation processes generate accurate and optimized designs in just hours that are compliant from the outset, and they manage compliance and reporting over the building’s life cycle. These automation capabilities are available for new facilities, as well as for the retrofits and incremental design changes of existing facilities.

Cut costs with
BeamUp’s platform

In addition to the costs saved by automating key processes and reducing errors,  BeamUP empowers enterprises to see the big picture across processes, finances and assets. It also provides granular details into these assets e.g. exact models, configuration, costs, warranty renewal information, prices, and expected performance across all of the company’s facilities.

This visibility enables in depth analysis, benchmarking and improving your system costs and efficiency strategies at every stage of management.

BeamUp’s compliance advantage

Complex internal company compliance and regional legal requirements ensure safety, security, sustainability and privacy in enterprise buildings. BeamUP reduces compliance issues by 84% in new and existing facilities, through data led insights and reports on breaches and risks.