Leverage your data and AI to optimize facility design and operations

AI-Powered automation and insights

BeamUP leverages AI to analyze millions of data points from your building assets, workforce, standards and system design data, generating solutions to reduce costs, ensure compliance and optimize operations.

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Data transformation involves various operations such as cleaning, restructuring, aggregating, and merging datasets into one. It includes extracting facility objects and mapping their relationships.

Data transformation

Graph neural networks (GNN)

Unraveling facility connectivity

GNNs are redefining property tech by focusing on graph-structured data. Tailored for such intricate relationships within facility assets, BeamUP employs GNNs to create a digital web of interconnected assets, offering a holistic view and emphasizing asset connectivity's broader impact.

Computer vision

Insightful observations

BeamUP's computer vision AI not only captures images but interprets, analyzes, and provides actionable insights. This tech identifies new assets, detects security threats, and oversees operations, ensuring a vigilant and analytical eye on facility activities.

Digitized design

Foundation for intelligence

Every facility's journey begins with a digitized design that serves as the foundational blueprint. BeamUP meticulously maps assets, pathways, and zones, providing a digital representation for accurate and consistent intelligence operations.


 Insights for informed decisions

GenAI models analyze facility data to deliver practical insights, aiding day-to-day operations and long-term planning. These insights, delivered in a straightforward manner, facilitate efficient resource allocation and maintenance planning.

AI-Powered industry insights

Prioritizing privacy

BeamUP integrates industry-wide data into advanced AI models while upholding strict privacy and security measures. Compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR, our platform offers predictive and secure facility intelligence, respecting data privacy and delivering industry wisdom.

BeamUp’s compliance advantage

Complex internal company compliance and regional legal requirements ensure safety, security, sustainability and privacy in enterprise buildings. BeamUP reduces compliance issues by 84% in new and existing facilities, through data led insights and reports on breaches and risks.