BeamUp’s technology makes it simple to
conquer complexity

More facilities, more complexity

Enterprise facilities constitute a multi-trillion $ industry. From warehouses to workspaces, new facilities are being built every day, with internal systems that are becoming increasingly complex. Yet, system planning and maintenance is still performed with legacy tools, disparate formats and desktop-bound files which are difficult to store and maintain.

Optimize efficiency through digitization

Gone are the days of inaccessible and unactionable data stored in static files. BeamUp’s Platform stores and manages system data in a natural state graph-based repository. Our deep learning models identify and classify all design and system elements, making sure to include every last detail. The result is a digitized, accurate and accessible solution, driving cross-facility connectivity and operational excellence with a “single source of truth”.

Save time with
design automation

Manually creating system designs with complex specifications and compliance needs can take months to accomplish.  Our automated process reduces this process down to just minutes and generates remarkably accurate and optimized designs that are compliant by design.

Cut costs with
BeamUp’s platform

Data that is accurate, dynamic and provides real-time actionable insights makes it easy to avoid the errors that impact expenditure, throughout every stage of a facility life cycle. Simplifying complex cross-facility insights and cutting design time from months to minutes, is translated into ongoing substantial reduction in costs.

BeamUp’s compliance advantage

Enterprise facilities must adhere to intricate compliance encompassing safety, security, as well as legal requirements. Sustainability adds another layer of critical considerations. With BeamUp you can dynamically integrate compliance guidelines into your operational flow.